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Save more men, women and children from heart disease!

Right now, all over the world, 1 in 250 adults and children have familial hypercholesterolemia and 1 in 5 have elevated lipoprotein(a).  The Family Heart Foundation is leading research and advocacy for those at genetic high risk for heart attacks and strokes Those who are diagnosed with either FH or high Lp(a)  need help and hope, but far too many have no idea of the danger they are in. With your help and our fighting spirit, we will save more lives.

Let's create a world where everyone knows FH and Lp(a)

Both hereditary conditions increase someone’s risk for heart attacks and stroke by 5-20 times. Without detection, most have no idea that a deadly heart attack or stroke is silently building inside them. If your family has a history of early heart disease or want to know more, find a specialist near you.

Genetic Risks for Heart Disease
Mother Daughter
Inherited high cholesterol, called familial hypercholesterolemia, is a genetic condition that causes high LDL cholesterol since birth. FH can increase your risk of heart attacks if left untreated.

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