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When you give to the Family Heart Foundation, you invest in efforts that support individuals and their families throughout their FH journey, you raise awareness so that the 90% of people with FH who are currently undiagnosed have a better chance of learning that they have the condition. FH can’t wait. Give today.


1. Get started

Get started Facebook Fundraiser

Go to the Facebook Fundraiser page. Begin a fundraiser by clicking "Raise Money for a Nonprofit".


2. Select nonprofit

Selecting a nonprofit

Select a nonprofit by searching for the Family Heart Foundation.


3. Start with the basics

Start with the basics Facebook Fundraiser

Select who is organizing the fundraiser, how much money you want to raise, and when you want the fundraiser to end.


4. Tell your story

Tell your story Facebook Fundraiser

Create a title for the fundraiser and why you are raising money for the Family Heart Foundation.


5. Pick a cover photo

Choose a cover photo Facebook Fundraiser

We recommend you choose your own photo to make the fundraiser more personal, but you may also use this default photo.

Our Mission
the Family Heart Foundation is a patient-centered, nonprofit organization dedicated to research, advocacy, and education of familial hypercholesterolemia (FH). Our mission is to raise awareness of FH in order to increase the rate of early diagnosis and encourage proactive treatment.